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Best 1688 Taobao Freight Forwarder: China to Malaysia

BOXKU provides comprehensive forwarding service to customers. Known for speed, convenience & cost effectiveness.


BOXKU is a freight forwarding and one-stop shipping solutions company. Other value-added services such as warehousing, parcel inspection, payment on behalf, customs clearance are also available.

BOXKU established in 2018, We were founded to simplify the current onerous process of global consolidation and shipping. Our role is to arrange transportation for individuals and companies. Very often, we are the link between the individual or organization that needs to transport the goods and the carrier, providing assistance along the way to ensure that no logistical obstacles occur. In addition, we usually offer additional services such as advice on packaging, completion of necessary documentation, provision of insurance, including customs clearance services. Currently focusing on providing freight forwarding services between China and Malaysia.

Our goal is to use technology to make things easier for our customers and save on shipping costs. BOXKU has developed mobile apps and platforms that are highly effective, user friendly and easy to use.

We are currently growing strongly and are committed to improving our service and bringing more benefits to our customers in the future.

about BOXKU
The benefits of using BOXKU

Why BOXKU Forwarding Specialist?

45-days Free Warehouse

We have our own warehouse and offer free storage for up to 45 days.

Value-Added Services

Provide a variety of value-added services such as custom packaging, consolidation, etc.

Methods of Payment

Support for all popular digital wallets, credit cards, onlilne bank transfer etc.

Mobile App Ready

BOXKU develops its own Mobile APP to make international shipping easier and faster

Dedicated Customer Service

A solid and professional team is waiting to serve customers all the time.

Affiliate Program

BOXKU gives back at least 2% of its profits to its customers.

Reliable 1688 Taobao Forwarder in Malaysia

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