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Volumetric weight or dimensional weight is an estimated weight value based from the length, width and height of a package. Volumetric weight = (Length * Width * Height cm) / 6000.

Sea(Lite): BOXKU use actual weight or volumetric weight to determine your shipping fees, depending on which is higher.
Air: After comparing the volumetric with the actual weight of the item, if it does not exceed 20KG, the shipping cost will be calculated based on the actual weight of the item. On the contrary, the shipping cost will be calculated by (Actual Weight + Volumentric)/2. 20KG for West Malaysia, 10KG for East Malaysia.

*For large items or over 27KG, we recommend the use of heavy sea freight. Refer to next question "What is m³ ?"

Refers to units of cubic meters, where 1 CBM equals 1 cubic meter. Its SI symbol is m³. If the goods are shipped to foreign countries, it is necessary to use containers. Container models are different, the size of the stuff is also different, so the cubic meter that cbm as a unit of measurement to the container loading statistics. Calculation of cubic metres: Cargo volume = length * width * height (in meters). If the dimensions of the box are 100 CM * 100 CM * 100 CM, the total shipping volume CBM = 1 CBM cubic meter. A common international algorithm for shipping costs is how much shipping costs are equal to 1 cubic meter in volume. It is preset to use sea freight lite. If your parcel is over 27KG, BOXKU will automatically replace it with heavy sea freight instead of sea freight lite. Depends on which shipping cost is lower. Maximum weight for 1CBM is 500KG.

Normal Goods: Apparel, Shoes & Bags, Furniture, Mother & Baby Products, Sports Goods, Non-Magnetic Goods, Books

Sensitive Goods: Counterfeit / Genuine Products, Genuine Dolls, High Value Products, Jewelry, Foods, Liquids, Powders, Pharmaceuticals, CD-ROMs, Videos, Genuine Products, Electromagnetic Products, Electrical Appliances

Prohibited Goods: Dangerous Goods, Weapons / Plant Poultry / Currency / Tobacco, White Powdered Goods, Unidentified Liquids, Alcohol, Cigarettes, Liquids (explosive and flammable), Pharmaceuticals and Flammable Substances, Chemical Goods, Spray. For details, please go to Prohibited Goods

Air Freight(West Malaysia), 3-5 working days
Sea Freight(West Malaysia), 15-20 working days
Air Freight(Sabah, Sarawak), 5-7 working days
Sea Freight(Sabah, Sarawak), 25-30 working days

*In the event of force majeure factors affecting delivery times

Please log in to the BOXKU App and enter your parcel tracking code in "Tracking" section to tracking parcel. Alternatively, please navigate to Track & Trace page enter tracking code to trace your parcel.

Yes, you can change from air to sea or air to sea. If the package is reported as weighed and packed this will incur a handling fee due to the repackaging and customs inspection involved, before the package is weighed it will be free of charge. Please contact customer service for further details.

If the delivery destination is an apartment or high rise building only the lobby will be delivered. If delivery is required directly to the door of the residence, additional charges will apply. Please contact customer service for details.

For oversized items, pallets, or heavy goods, customers are required to provide their own forklifts and manpower for unloading. The driver will only assist in the unloading process.


CN: 广东省广州市白云区钟落潭镇乌溪村中和路53号自编1号仓运道博市酷仓, 邮政编码510545

EN: 53 Zhonghe Road, Wuxi Village, Zhongluotan Town, Baiyun District, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province, Postcode:510545

Courier company in China will update delivered on behalf of BOXKU ( even item not send yet but schedule for the day to deliver ) the practice is to collect all parcels and then send to BOXKU warehouse daily around 3pm to 6pm. BOXKU warehouse will update 'COLLECTED' in BOXKU APP once item has successful collected.

We are constantly monitoring your parcel, once your parcel has completely arrived in our warehouse, we may notify you through BOXKU APP.

BOXKU's warehouse cut-off time is 5:30 p.m. daily and is closed on Sunday. Parcels delivered after the cut-off time will be updated on the next working day.

30 days(Air) / 30 days(Sea) without any additional charges. A late pickup fee is charged when overdue. If within 90 days, you have not processed the transfer and did not inform the forwarder how to do it, then the warehouse has the right to process or destroy your package if the package is stored for more than 90 days.

Fees & Payment

Please register and log in to use the Boxku App to calculate shipping fees. Besides that, you may visit Boxku official website Shipping Fee page to calculate shipping fees. Please contact our customer service for detailed freight.

BOXKU currently accepts payment methods including credit/debit card, FPX, Boost, GrabPay, ShopeePay and Touch'n Go. BOXKU bank account details:



You can go to Size Conversion Charts to check the conversion of various units such as clothes, shoes and underwear. Provide international, European, American, Japanese and Chinese unit conversion table.

Once all your parcels have arrived at our warehouse, you can start booking consolidation services through the BOXKU App. Fill in your parcel value on the payment page and it will automatically calculate the estimated sum insured, choose the premium amount that suits you (see Consignment Insurance) and complete the payment.

In case of damage to the goods in transit, it is necessary to know the cause of the damage and which process is responsible for the damage. The forwarding company is not necessarily liable for the damage, but is exempt from liability if the damage is caused by its own properties, defects, or non-logistics reasons such as poor packaging by the seller. The forwarder is also exempt from liability if the damage to the goods is not determined by the cause of the damage.

Do you have other questions? Please kidnly contact our Customer Service.

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