2022 How To Register On 1688 In Malaysia

Looking for cheap wholesale supplies? 1688 the largest wholesale platform in China is one of your ideal choices. Follow the tutorial below to register an account on the 1688 website for free in less than 5 minutes. As the Alibaba Group has merged accounts across multiple platforms, you can skip registration and log in directly to the 1688 website if you already have a Taobao account(refer to this guide How To Register Taobao Account).

This tutorial is divided into two parts:

  • 1688 Web Registration
  • 1688 App Registration

1688 Web Registration

01. Register on 1688 Website

Visit 1688 website. Follow the yellow highlighted areas or yellow arrow mark to click on "Register" button. Click "Login" if you already have Taobao account (see purple arrow mark).

Tips: You can follow this guide to translate Chinese to your native language.

02. Select Personal Account Registration

Select "Personal Account Registration" tab, this will simplify the account registration process and is also suitable for foreigners. Click "Agree" button to agree with the registration agreements and proceed to next step.

03. Fill In Personal Info

Fill in your personal details according to the numerical order in the screenshot:

  • Username
  • Password
  • Confirm Password
  • Phone Numbers
  • Verification Code

Slide the white bar from left to right to prove you are not a robot. Click the "Agree and Register" button and then click the "Request" button in the prompt dialog box to obtain a verification code via SMS. Fill in the verification code read from the SMS. Click the "Submit" button to complete the process.

04. Complete Contact Details

Complete all the necessary contact details that request by Alibaba.

  • Fullname
  • Gender
  • Phone Numbers
  • Company Name(If an individual please fill in full name)
  • Position
  • Industry
  • Your Product/Service, The product category you are interested in
  • Business Model
  • Address

Click "Confirm" button to submit your contact details. 1688 will send you a confirmation email when your account has been successfully created.

1688 App Registration

01. Install 1688 App

Go to Appstore or Google Play and search for "1688" to download and install. Open 1688 App, click "Sign In Now" at the top right or "Me" at the bottom shortcut to quickly enter the login page.

02. Quick Registration

Check the box to agree to the agreement, if you have already installed Taobao app and have an account, you can click "Taobao Quick Login" to login and skip 1688 account registration. If not, please click the "1688 Account Login / Quick Registration" button.

03. Personal Account Registration

Go to the 1688 login page, click on "Quick Registration" as shown in the picture. Select "Personal Account Registration".

04. Verify phone number

Click on the country and select "Malaysia". Enter your cell phone number, click "Next". Get the verification code from SMS, fill in the verification code. Click "Next" to complete the verification of the phone number and fill in the rest of the information to complete the registration.

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