How to Register Taobao Account in 3 minutes?

Taobao has gradually become one of the Malaysian favorite online shopping platforms. Nothing but price-friendly and variety choices. However, most people think that Taobao is only open to Chinese registered accounts. In fact, Taobao has gradually opened up to the Southeast Asian countries to register accounts. This article will guide you how to register your first Taobao account in 3 minutes.

Step 1: Login to Taobao

Click access to Taobao official website. Click top right corer "Sign Up". You may change Taobao language to your preffered language by reading this guide: How to Translate Taobao from Chinese to English.

Step 2: Fill in personal details

Fill in your telephone number. Slide box to verify. Tick "Create Alipay Account". Click "Next" continue to next step.

Step 3: Verify phone number

Click "Send Verification Code" to receive text message from Taobao. Fill in verification number received from Taobao. Click "Confirm" continue to next step.

Step 4: Fill in Taobao account info

Enter password and confirmed password. Fill in your personal email address. Enter your Taobao preferred username. Click "Submit" to complete Taobao account registration.

Step 5: First time login your Taobao account

After account registration, Taobao will notify user account registration successful. Click here log in to your Taobao account and start your first purchase in Taobao!

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