How to Buy From Taobao 2020, Complete Guides

Actually buying things on Taobao is not as complicated as it seems. Now you can learn how to shop on Taobao in no time with just this article "How To Buy From Taobao 2020 Complete Guides". You can save money (read Why you need Taobao Shipping Agent?) and make your shopping more flexible. You can also learn how to translate Taobao from Chinese to English and How to Register Taobao Account with the following articles before learning how to buy from Taobao:

Step 1: Login to Taobao

Click access to Taobao official website. Click top right corer "Login" and login to your Taobao account. You may change Taobao language to your preffered language by reading this guide: How to Translate Taobao from Chinese to English.

Step 2: Find your product

At the top left of the home page, select preferred product category. Expand product sub category by moving mouse cursor over product primary category.

Step 3: Browse your product

You may sort products by "Comprehensive Ranking", "Sales", "Credit" and "Price". If you prefer product with average evaluation just remain default preference. If you focus on sales or price of a product just go for "Sales" and "Price". As for "credit", it's the buyer's trust in the seller. Pick your preferred product and proceed to next step.

*Tips, If you are having trouble choosing a product, you can contact our customer service for assistance.

Step 4: Add your product to cart

Check product specification and details. Select product specification and quantity. Click button "Add to Shopping" add to your shopping cart. Click shopping cart shortcut navigate to cart page.

*Tips, You can get the weight of the item by talking to the seller and estimate the shipping cost by using our shipping calculator.

Step 5: Select your product from cart to checkout

Select your product from the shopping cart and confirm the price, then click the button in the bottom right corner to checkout.

Step 6: Create new shipping address

Click button "Use the new address". Prompt new window and ready to next step.

Step 7: Fill in BOXKU warehouse address

Open BOXKU app and login to your BOXKU account. Navigate to top left corner click option icon to expand menu. Select "warehouse info". Copy BOXKU warehouse details and back to Taobao website. You may follow the screenshot to fill in BOXKU address except "04". This is unique BOXKU recipient ID for you only. Usually like "boxku/Your ID". Please check BOXKU app to confirm your own recipient ID. You may tick the checkbox to set as your primary Taobao shipping address. Click save button to store BOXKU warehouse address.

Step 8: Pay for your items

Click botton right button to proceed payment. It will redirect to Alipay, you are allow to pay by Credit Card or Malaysia eBanking.

*Tips, A 3% transaction fee will be charged for using a credit card or 1.5% transaction fee will be charged for using Malaysia eBanking. Click "Continue" to make payment. In this demo, we select eBanking to complete Taobao payment.

Step 9: Book BOXKU shipping service

When you receive Taobao notification that the seller has shipped the product, you may check Taobao order details or seller to obtain Taobao domestic tracking code. After that you may book shipping service from BOXKU. Read "How to book service?"

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