How to Activate Lazada Wallet in Taobao?

Now you can pay Taobao with your Lazada wallet. A 1% transaction fee will be charged for each transaction, which is a saving compared to other payment methods(read Taobao Payment Methods). Enable your Lazada wallet on Taobao in just a few steps, read our guides now!

1: Login to Taobao App

Login to Taobao app. Click "LazWallet" in Taobao app homepage.

2: Activate LazWallet

Access to LazWallet activation page. Click "Activate Now" proceed to Lazada Wallet activation in Taobao.

3: Verify Phone Number

Enter your phone number that linked with Lazada Wallet. Slide right to receive OTP.

4: Enter OTP

Enter OTP that received from SMS. You will receive a success message screen in Taobao. Now you can pay Taobao with your Lazada Wallet.

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